The use of satirie in literature essay

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Essay about The Make use of of Satirie in Literature

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Examples of Professional in Everyday Life Separately political cartoons we see every day in years and magazines are examples of writing. Irony is a tool that countries use to communicate your position. Many believe satire is solely to entertain and surface laughter although it is there is meaning behind the laughter not merely meaningless laughter.

Fictional writers make use of satire to show the human being condition of agony and embarrassment to stress the mental selfishness of mankind. To better understand satire I will define satire, tell how the authors use satire, and why they choose to use satire. "Satire is a literary technique of writing or art which principally ridicules its subject (individuals, organizations, states) often as an intended means of provoking or preventing change" (Wikipedia).

Satire is a genre of literature that uses wit for the purpose of social criticism. Satire ridicules problems in society, government, businesses, and individuals in order to bring attention to certain follies, vices, and abuses, as well as to lead to improvements.

This essay will strive to prove that the ‘Augustan Age’ was the first example of a literary community using satire to directly challenge cultural, social, political and challenging intellectual issues.

It is quite usual to find in satiric works of the 18th century an unusually direct assault from the writers against contemporary government officials. Tips on How to Use Satire in Writing. Satire is defined as a literary term for the specific genre of literature.

What is Satire? Definition, Examples of Literary Satire

Such satirical devices as hyperbole, irony, and sarcasm are aimed at criticizing people, objects, organizations or governments for their vices, shortcomings or foolishness. Examples of Satire in Literature Example #1: The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (By Mark Twain) There are numerous examples of satire in Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.

He uses satire as a tool to share his ideas and opinions on slavery, human nature, and many other issues that afflicted American society at that time.

The use of satirie in literature essay
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Satire - Examples and Definition of Satire