The influence and importance of sports in different cultures all around the world

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Why is Culture Important and How Does it Influence People?

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Early Beginnings to the Current World Of Sports History

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American Culture: Traditions and Customs of the United States

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Most cultures have been maintained for thousands of years, helping to connect communities and individuals through material and non-material goods.

American sports culture accepts league parity over sports dynasties. Every major sports league in the USA and Canada has adopted some level of competitive parity in the last fifty years. This has restricted the creation of super teams that dominate the league year after year.

For much of the world soccer has long served as a form of ritual combat onto which neighborhoods, tribes and even nations could project their most passionate enmities. There are many ways to categorize human culture, from national cultures, which can be seen in the differences between Americans and Canadians; to religious cultures, such as the differences between Orthodox Jews and Roman Catholics; and ethnic cultures, such as the differences between African-Americans and Indian-Americans.

Dance Around the World Using a map of the world, survey the geographic region that your teacher assigns to your group. Search a region’s or country’s website, then describe the physical features of each region or country.

In this lesson, you're going to learn about popular sports in different cultures all over the world, including historical sports in no-longer existent civilizations and modern sports.

The influence and importance of sports in different cultures all around the world
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