The factual struggle of the consequences in the poems america and howl by allen ginsberg

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Howl, Parts I & II

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In the poem ‘Howl’ Ginsberg describes the lives of drug addicts and alcoholics and he shows their activities negatively because the consequences of their excess drug use are not pretty. Most of the imagery of drug use occurs in the first section, before Howl shifts toward a.

Allen Ginsberg's "Howl" (), one of the most widely read and controversial poems of the Beat Generation ('s), is a sweeping condemnation of twentieth-century mainstream American society.

Like "Howl," the poem displays the irregular meter and structure that was to be a hallmark of Ginsberg's poetry. The poem is filled with cultural and political references as well as references to incidents and events in Ginsberg's own life as well as the lives of his friends and fellow Beat writers.

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The factual struggle of the consequences in the poems america and howl by allen ginsberg
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