Summary and analysis of the franklins tale

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Canterbury Tales - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Prologue to the Franklin's Tale. The old Bretons, in their time, made songs, and the Franklin’s Tale, the narrator says, is to be one of those songs.

However, the Franklin begs the indulgence of the company because he is a “burel man” (an unlearned man) and simple in his speech. Looks at the nuances of textuality in 'The Franklin's Tale' section of Geoffrey Chaucer's epic poem 'The Canterbury Tales.' Questions about Franklin's intentions in telling the tale; Chaucer's implied discussion about authorial responsibility as artist and artificer; Chaucer's faithfulness to his source.

The Franklin's tale. A Franklin was a medieval landowner and a prosperous country gentleman, but non-noble. He was hopeful and confident about future.

The Franklin's Tale Analysis

Notice the layers of narration occurring within this tale. This is a story that Chanticleer head, which he now tells to Pertelote, which occurs within the Nun's Priest's. This discussion links the odd-seeming ‘glad cheer’ ascribed to Arveragus at the crux of the Franklin’s Tale with strenuous Stoic aspiration to tolerant equanimity.

Arveragus attempts an equanimity that contrasts provocatively with the heroine’s (and Aurelius’s) surging emotionalism.

Summary and analysis of the franklins tale
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