Describe the effects of the blitz on everyday life in britain essay

Everyday life in Britain

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These effects on the people of Britain were caused by the Blitz, but were actually occurring before the Blitz had even started. Another important factor concerning the Blitz was that the Blitz effected people differently in Britain, depending on who they were and where they lived.

Everyday life was affected in two main ways, the psychological trauma and the physical effects. Both were as important as the other and affected everyday life in Britain.

The effects of the Blitz on everyday life in Britain Essay

Firstly, Physically many changes occurred to Britain. Latest breaking news, including politics, crime and celebrity. Find stories, updates and expert opinion. The Effects of the Blitz on Everyday Life in Britain Essay - The Effects of the Blitz on Everyday Life in Britain The Blitz had a major effect on everyday life; people were evacuated at the beginning of the war, out of the people who chose to stay, million citizens were left homeless 42 died, and 45 were injured.

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Describe the effects of the blitz on everyday life in britain essay
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