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Summary Clockspeed Winning Industry Control In The Age Of Temporary Advantage

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Review by Choice Review. Clockspeed, Fine's latest book, draws on several years of research at MIT to explain how competitive advantages are gained or lost. The term clockspeed itself seems particularly apt for our constantly changing, technologically driven economy. To me, it creates the image of old-fashioned clock hands (pre-digital) spinning wildly out of control.

Clockspeed Summary Summary of Clock Speed: Winning Industry Control in the Age of Temporary Advantage by Charles H. Fine Introduction In order to conduct a scientific study, you set a baseline then introduce changes in order to understand the impact of. Summary Summarizing, the brief restatement of a longer text in fewer words than the original text.

The most important feature of a summary is that it is short, almost always fewer than words. It is a piece of writing about another piece of writing. Changing relationships and their causes often seem more apparent, he notes, in fast-clockspeed scenarios such as the current computer industry.

The book is called Clockspeed: Winning Industry Control in the Age of Temporary Advantage. To grossly oversimplify, Mr. Fine posits that as companies think about how to reshape themselves, the biggest advantage a company may have is the ability to determine.

Clockspeed Summary Clockspeed summary
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