Breaking the law essay

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Can breaking the law ever be justified?

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Post: The End of Moore’s Law

But at the same basic, it is powerless to clean out the argument. Is there ever a right time to break the law? “The only obligation which I have right to assume is to do at any time what I think is right.” Henry David Thoreau believes he should do what he thinks is right even if it involves breaking the law.

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Its sometimes ok to break the law if theres absolutely no choice. In other words a life or death manner, then its fine i suppose.

But some people take this freedom a bit too far, they vandalise, murder and damage very high damage. What King said in his letter has to make a person think that not all laws are good for the group in society and morality is a justifiable excuse in breaking the law.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. believed civil disobedience, when enacted for the correct reasons, was a useful tool to fight unjust laws.3/5(6). Breaking the law is morally justifiable and acceptable when the law in itself is iniquitous and if that law violates human rights and conscience; Certainly, rules are established for us to follow but we as human beings should be able to differentiate the right and the wrong and incase laws need to be violated for the right cause even with hard .

Breaking the law essay
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