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Romeo And Juliet: The Betrayal Of The Adults To Juliet

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I found this book very good to write about as the characters motivated me into writing a good helped me to understand the main points that were being made,for example, people's feelings and impotant novel has a few morals,and therebye makes it realistic to life.

Betrayl of the adults to juliet. March 21, Romeo and Juliet. The Betrayal of the Adults to Juliet. In Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet the adults betray Juliet because they are unable to understand her. Juliet's parents, Capulet and Lady Capulet, fail to understands Juliet's decision not to marry Paris.

Throughout Shakespeare’s play he expresses the different types of betrayal wether it was the betrayal of families betraying lover,lovers betraying families wishes, and lovers betraying each may not always understand children as they see things differently, Shakespeare’s creation of the conflict demonstrates his understanding.

Betrayl of the adults to juliet essay
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Romeo And Juliet: The Betrayal Of The Adults To Juliet - Research Paper