A summary of a study on the sport spectator consumption behavior by trail fink and anderson

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Sports research

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Spectator spending on merchandise at games and events also contributes to sport franchise and league revenue. The buying of cross-league licensed goods, which includes trademarked sport brand names, logos, and images on products, is estimated to be % ($ billion) of the sport industry consumer spending (“The Sport Industry,” ).

Evolution of the Gaming Experience: Live Video Streaming and the Emergence of a New Web Community

Both models contribute to the research on satisfaction from a cognitive-affective point of view, integrating the study of emotions, motivations and consumer satisfaction.

For the study a survey was undertaken at a stadium of a professional sporting entity. Students are required to write a research paper aiming to submit to the sports finance/sports economics journals or to the national conferences.

Students will be focusing on marketing or public. Most Common Text: Click on the icon to return to wowinternetdirectory.com and to enjoy and benefit.

Dimensions of Market Demand Associated with Dance Schools

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Attachment has also been explored within the sport fan literature (Trail, Anderson and Fink, ; Robinson and Trail, ; Filo, Funk and O’Brien, ), with researchers arguing that individuals can be attached to any aspects of the sport object (Robinson and Trail, ) e.g.

Sport fans with high levels of identification have been shown to regularly display team licensed merchandise (Wann & Branscombe, ); to buy and wear team paraphernalia at games and on other occasions (Kwon, Trail & Anderson, ); and to be more prone to engage in impulsive purchases of sport licensed items (Kwon & Armstrong, ; ).

A summary of a study on the sport spectator consumption behavior by trail fink and anderson
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